Sunday, February 21, 2010

Special Deal for Subscribers!

Many of you have expressed dismay when you miss a model. Yes, I do repost, but only once per month, which means you could wait up to a year for the model you want. But here's my Special Deal. If you subscribe to this blog, I will send you the closed model of your choice PLUS a special unreleased model! How cool is that? So, what are you waiting for? The button is right over there --->

UPDATE 2/25: For some reason I don't always receive email notification when you subscribe, so your best bet is to send me an email announcing your subscription and I will reply back with the models :)

....or you can become a Follower and I'll be notified automatically when your icon appears. However, an email is still helpful in case I don't notice your icon right away.


  1. Hello, Professor! I've been a fan of your work since I discovered your site just before Christmas. I just subscribed by RSS feed. Your designs are fantastic and soon I'm going to take the leap and start building them. I am a high school history teacher who has a comic club after school. I have a few of the students who have expressed desire to attempt them with me, so I guess soon I'll build confidence and clear my schedule to allow the neccessary time. By having the students work on your models, I hope to spark an appreciation for the golden age of comics.

    There are a few of the models I missed that I would like to attempt, the top two are The Flash and The Green Lantern (want to build a JSA set!)

    Thanks for all your amazing work!

  2. The Professor's work is amazing!


  3. Welcome Mike! I hope you and your students jump in with both feet! It's a very rewarding hobby.

  4. The blog looks great, Professor

  5. Great Professor!
    Thank's for your work!
    The models are fantastics.
    I would like to download Captain Marvel.

  6. Love these models, Prof! But how do you confirm my subscription? Do the RSS Buttons keep tally or something?

  7. Hi Professor
    Thanks for this Blog - It's a great idea
    i was lucky enough to stumble across your site very early on and have all of your models - so i can't wait to see the unreleased model.
    I'll post pics when my kids leave the models alone long enough to get a picture before they destroy them!!

  8. Nicholas-

    Actually, I've learned that I won't be notified when someone subscribes, so I've amended the post :)

  9. Cool 'nuff! Thx, Prof! Can't wait for the new one later this weekend!

  10. hello professor, you might remember me, tygre138. i have most of your models to date, great stuff! i'm not very saavy with this blog stuff. so i ask, would i have to have an account with this site to subscribe to your blog? i thank you in advance for your help, and as always, thank you for all of the great work you are doing! :D

  11. Tygre-

    Not necessary. The easiest thing to do is to become a Follower by clicking the link at the bottom right corner. Then you will receive notifications of any updates made to the blog.


    The Prof.

  12. thank you sir! looking forward to your new models!

  13. hey prof

    sign me up! Been following your work for a long time and am amazed at what you do! Maybe I'll give it a shot too, but you must have a lot of patience!

    David D

  14. a mi tambien me gustaria poder tene todos los muñecos que ahora estan clausurados si me hiciera el favor de enviarmelos a mi direccion de correo electronico que es


  15. Glad to join up, Professor! Looking forward to filling out my paper ranks...


  16. Site looks great. I just discovered your work recently (this morning) and started following you right away. I would be very interested in getting the Golden Age Green Lantern model as he is my son's namesake and we need some decoration for his room.