Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Hot Pair for a Scorching Summer!

It's been a broiler here in Ol' Sunny Southern Cal, so I've decided to acknowledge that fact by posting a pair of red hot items. First up, The Flame, a Golden Age hero from Fox Publications. This guy predated the Human Torch and had some pretty cool, er hot, superpowers. You'll find him on the main page. Then, as a special treat, scroll to the bottom and click over to the Gallery page where you'll find Alfredo Podesta's reworking of my Human Torch model. His work is really excellent and I hope to be able to post more.


  1. That is one hot hero. great work as always. and Alfredo's Human Torch is excellent you can almost feel the heat. Thank's Professor and Alfredo for sharing your great models.

  2. Man that is one hot paper model. It looks great. Thanks for posting it.

  3. You're most welcome gents. Enjoy!