Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Marvelous Pair

We've got LOTS of stuff cooking right now, with some big plans for major releases in the next couple of month; so things have been a bit slow on both the blog and the site itself. To keep things moving, albeit a little later than planned, is the new download for July.

First up, from Timely Comics, it's The Challenger - The Master of all Weapons. He comes with three costume variants and a slew of deadly accessories. Next, to make up for the wait, and answer numerous requests, it's another Timely treat turned Marvel icon - Toro! Add this model of the Human Torch's sidekick, and your First Invaders and All-Winners Comics sets are now complete! He's a bit of a cheat, being just a modified/rescaled Torch, but he'll do the trick. 

Download the daring duo HERE and ...keep in touch! 


  1. Hi professor.
    great models as always. Toro looks like a hot one. ha ha, i know that sounds so corny but i couldn't help my self.

    your loyal follower. Curly

  2. hello prof! I've got one question: when I first try to download te Challenger's paterns I saw an image of the Black Captain America(I don't remember his name, he's the one that apeared in the Kyle Baker's mini, some years ago. Am I drunk or there is a pattern for that figure??????