Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Hailing Frequencies Open, Captain."

Now stationed on the bridge, that comely communications officer, Lt. Nyota Uhura, as played by the inimitable Nichelle Nichols. She comes complete with digital clipboard and the trademark golden earplug!

Download her HERE.

Also, the Spock, Bones, and Scotty models have been updated to correct a color problem with their insignias. You will want to download them again for accuracy. Thanks to follower Nicholas for pointing out my goof. Enjoy!


  1. My pleasure, Prof! Thanks for heeding my suggestion!

  2. One LAST little nitpick: I see with the updates & Uhura here, you added nameplates for each figure. Will our beloved Captain Kirk be getting one as well?

  3. MORE nitpick: McCoy's nameplate is misspelled "McOY". Sorry. Otherwise, these are amazing! :)

  4. Thanks Nicholas! Those little tweaks have been made and posted. Glad you're enjoying the models :) If you build any, please send me some pix.