Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Merry Joyous Holiday Greetings!

All the BEST of the Season
to You and Yours!

May the New Year Bring New Joy!

Now that the BIG DAY has arrived, the G.A.S.P. 12-Day 
Calendar is complete! I hope you enjoyed collecting
our little paper treasures. Be sure to go and 
pick up any models you may have missed.

A very special thanks goes out to my friend, partner,
and fellow designer J.P.Cote for the awesome
Final Gift! No spoilers here; go get it and see!!



  1. thank you again for youre exelent work i love all youre models hope to see more of them! thanks again

  2. btw thank you so much for the mini-box love it! :D

  3. Prof, Once again a brilliant set of models, just 1 query, why is two face named "Harvey Kent"? is this just a typo or an indication of a much bigger story that you are waiting to unfold? !!
    Thanks again for all of your models

  4. Aaargh! The Evil Dr. Typo strikes again! ;) Thanks for the support. Cheers!

  5. happy new year professor thanks for all